The LaserTRACER-NG was developed for calibration, monitoring and accuracy enhancement of measuring machines and machine tools. It is a self-tracking laser interferometer that automatically tracks a reflector, and hence allows for the identification of geometrical deviations with highest precision.

Simple Process

Simple Testing, calibration and volumetric compensation of CMMs and machine tools.

Time saving

Minimum time expenditure compared to conventional measurement devices (reference standards or ordinary laser interferometers.

Automatic operation

Automatic transfer of correctional data to the machine’s control software (conventional or volumetric).

Unprecedented Accuracy

Measurement of spatial distances with unprecedented accuracy.

Combined application

Combined application of four LaserTracers generates unmatched combination of spatial accuracy and dynamic resolution.


The Measurement Process: fast and effective

For measurement execution, the LaserTracer is stationary placed at several different positions inside the working volume of the machine. Then, the reflector is mounted to the tool or probe. In the following automated measuring process, the LaserTracer tracks the actual path of the machine in its entire working volume. Meanwhile, the system acquires highly precise measurement values that are processed by our software packages TRAC-CAL and TRAC-CHECK for calculating and analyzing the machine errors with sub-micron accuracy.


Unrivaled accuracy

In contrast to conventional measurement devices, the LaserTracer features an unprecedented accuracy of the center of rotation thanks to a patented measurement technique: A sphere with a form deviation of just 50 nanometers is used as an optical reference for the interferometer. As a consequence, the mechanical errors of the rotation and swivel axes are fully compensated.


TRAC-CAL: Calibration of CMMs and machine tools

The user-friendly software TRAC-CAL guides the operator through the measurement process. Combined with the LaserTracer, the software determines all systematic geometrical deviations of coordinate measurement machines and machine tools. This includes position deviations, straightness deviations, rotational deviations (pitch, yaw, roll), and the squareness of axes to one another.


TRAC-CHECK: Testing of CMMS and machine tools according to standards

By using the LaserTracer in combination with the Software TRAC-CHECK, it is possible to determine within 30 minutes if a machine is still within the specification or if it needs maintenance or error compensation. The patented method allowing for automatic alignment of the laser beam reduces measurement time significantly.


MULTITRACE: Real-time multilateration for highest precision and dynamic resolution

For applications requiring highest spatial precision and dynamic resolution, four electronically coupled LaserTracers are used, forming a real-time multilateration system with a short-term data rate of up to 50 kHz (1000 Hz continuous) and sub-micron-accuracies.

Technical Data

  • Measuring uncertainty for spatial displacement (95%):  0.2 µm + 0.3 µm/m
  • Resolution: 0.001 µm
  • Measuring range: 0.2 –20 m (larger machine dimensions are covered by stitching of measurements)
  • Angular range azimuth axis: -225° to 225°
  • Angular range elevation axis: -35° to 85°
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Laser class: 2 M
  • Delivery: flight save transportation boxes

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