NC-Gage Software

NC-Gage Software

Measuring on Machine Tools – easy and precise

NC Gage revolutionises probing on machine tools

The simple use, and innovative “Teach-in” process allow a user to create gauging programs without previous programming knowledge, even on 5 axis machines and multi-tasking machines.

m&h NC Gage uses the same PTB-Certified algorithms used by coordinate measuring machines. This allows NC Gage to bring the highest precision to machines, and to establish trust in manufacturing processes. Measurement is not limited to specific numbers of points or 2D features. Also distances, angles between features and basic GD&T functions are available.

m&h NC Gage is available on Windows PC or embedded in the control panel. It is currently compatible with controls from Makino, Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, Mitsubishi, Fanuc and others.

Features & benefits

Advanced measuring

Use any number of functions for measurement and automatic part setup. For instance: Bores, Contructed Points, or Mid-points.

Simple use with unique Teach-In function

Thanks to the dialog-based interactive teach-in method, the machine user can easily create measurement cycles without any macro programming knowledge.

Measuring on 5-axis machines (Option)

Effective use of 5 axis machines requires quick measurement and setup of workpieces. This is easier than ever with m&h NC Gage, regardless of which 5 axis kinematic-type is used for machining and measuring.


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Measuring on multi-tasking machines

NC Gage is designed for use on modern multi-tasking machines and supporting challenging machining tasks. Special functions simplify adding fully automated gauging, setup and inspection to multi-spindle processes.

CheckSet5 – Keeping 5-axis kinematics in check (Option)

Quickly identify and easily correct kinematic errors. The option CheckSet5 offers the possibility to analyse the motion of the rotation axes on 4 and 5 axis milling machines.

Reports and statistical

m&h NC Gage produces clear and concise measurement reports similar to those from a CMM. Color-coded results for in/out of tolerance as well as a simple tolerance overview scale provides the operator with the information needed at a glance.

Statistic interface to external systems

Measurement Reports can be saved automatically or printed, and serve as documentation of the quality produced. A statistics interface is also included allowing output to Q-DAS, Excel and XML. 

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