HxGN NC Measure Software

HxGN NC Measure Software

Modular measuring software for machine tools

Highly versatile and intuitively easy to use

HxGN NC Measure modular software simplifies the inspection of a wide range of parts directly on the machine tool. 

Machine tool measurement is an increasingly important productivity driver, as manufacturers use advances in multisensor inspection technology to save time and improve quality.

A modular, future-proofed software, HXGN NC Measure adapts readily to different machine tool measurement applications, from routine tactile inspection through to highly complex laser scans of clamped parts with up to 5 axes.

The software combines a deep understanding of production processes with a highly intuitive interface to simplify workpiece setup, inspection and the creation of reports that inform rapid decision making.

The core HXGN NC Measure software package offers all the capabilities required to set up workpieces, perform basic measurements and create reports in ASCII format. With additional modules operators can also perform more complex inspection tasks on the machine tool, including the use of laser scanning to capture point clouds over the complete surface of a clamped part, all while benefiting from HXGN NC Measure’s simple, intuitive interface.

In addition to the ground-breaking laser module, users can choose advanced reporting for saving and exporting data in multiple formats and protocols, or a module for automated part adjustment to ensure the best fit for the part on the machine tool. Additionally, HxGN NC Measure can export and import data to  NC Gage, which enables machine tool operators to programme offline.

HxGN NC Measure is available for Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc and Röders-controls. Future-proofed and evolutive, it enables machine tool users to keep up to date with the latest innovations without having to acquire new software skills.

Related Information 

HxGN NC Measure | Core – Key measurement programmes
The Core version allows users to create key measurement programmes by selecting single points on the CAD-model. Those models can be imported IGES- or STEP-formats.
The Core software enables the import and export of measurement programmes, as well as the creation of a basic report in ASCII-format following the completion of measurements in the machine tool, .
For precise results, calibrations are executed with 160 points on a calibration sphere. To avoid damage during measurements, a graphical collision control can be simulated before execution.
Projects in Hexagon’s 3D Form Inspect Software (MHI-format) are fully compatible with HxGN NC Measure, thereby ensuring accurate data transfer.

HxGN NC Measure | Report – Detailed measuring reports and protocols
HxGN NC Measure | Report tailors the presentation of results to users’ and customers’ specific, with different templates and file formats available.
Users can alter tolerances and colour scales and save reports in Excel, Word, pdf, 3D-pdf or ASCII formats. Protocols can be exported in the form of PC-DMIS, including deviation bars, as well as to Q-DAS Software.

HxGN NC Measure | Best-Fit Pro – Fast and reliable part alignment
Correctly positioning parts in the machine tool clamp often requires several manual steps and takes a lot of time. The HxGN NC Measure | Best-Fit Pro module makes this process much easier and faster by creating correction values that can be loaded to the machine control for automatic part adjustment.

HxGN NC Measure | Laser – Dedicated software module for laser scanning on machine tools
Capturing complete point clouds on machine tools has never been easier. HxGN NC Measure enables users to rapidly generate measurement data for the complete surface of the part and gain insight into the part’s quality and exact position
Results can be viewed as a colour map super-imposed on the digital CAD model of the part, while it is still clamped on the machine tool.
The software also makes it simple to create measurement reports for further analysis or for use in later production steps.

HxGN NC Measure | 5 Axis - Full support of the 4th and 5th axes
Modern machine tools can use the 4th and 5th axes to enable the production of almost infinite forms , while saving time by doing away with the need to reclamp parts on the machine. However, limitations arise when only the X,Y- and Z-axes of a machine tool can be used for measurement. Even when using complex styli configurations, it is not always possible to reach all areas of a part to check the dimensions.
With the software module HxGN NC Measure | 5 Axis, users can perform measurements and laser scans sidewise, thereby using all five axes with only a couple of mouse clicks. It enables the capture of more valuable and detailed data in less time, especially when scanning a part with laser scanners.

HxGN NC Measure | NCG Connect - Export- and import module for m&h NC Gage
HxGN NC Measure | NCG Connect enables offline programming for the innovative measurement app NC Gage. Users can benefit from the easy-to-use interface in HxGN NC Measure and at the same time deploy the intuitive setup and operation on-machine with m&h NC Gage.
This way, users can create measurement programs in HxGN NC Measure, execute the measurements through m&h NC Gage on the machine and analyse the results with the reporting and graphic functions of HxGN NC Measure.

Features & benefits

Modular adaptable software

HxGN NC Measure gives manufacturers the versatility they need to adapt to new applications and market demands. Whether machine tool operators are taking basic measurements or performing highly complex laser scans of clamped parts, HxGN NC Measure is always the right choice. 

Modern, intuitive and easy to use

HxGN NC Measure is developed using the latest software standards. Intuitively simple to use, it can be deployed with minimum training and adapts readily to individual users’ needs. 

Leading on laser scanning and alignment

HxGN NC Measure | Core laser is a dedicated module for laser scanning on the machine tool. And the Best-Fit Pro module enables the alignment of complicated or large parts in the machine.

Measurements with use of up to five axes 

With HxGN NC Measure, users can perform measurements and laser scans with use of all five axes with only a couple of clicks. Especially when scanning a part with the laser scanners, this brings more valuable and detailed data in less time.

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